Uncharted 4:A Thief’s End


It is truly just a fantastic game.I just loved it from my heart.i will miss the series as it was the last game of the series according to Naughty Dogs.It is also the 2nd best game in the year 2016.I will recommend you to buy this game before any other game.

It features 2 modes-


b)Multiplayer (but psn* required)

 *psn is playstation plus which u need to buy

I would surely cry if Naughty dog does not release the next game in the uncharted series


Competitive multiplayer is featured in the game. Players play as different characters in the series, and are tasked to defeat their opponents. Treasures can be found in all maps, which can be used to purchase items and weapons. Multiplayer features “Mysticals”, supernatural power-ups that boost players’ ability. For example, the “Wrath of El Dorado” damages all opponents standing next to it, while the “Cintamani Stone” can heal both players and their teammates. Sidekicks are AI-controlled companions that can be summoned to assist players. The Hunter can immobilize its closest opponent for an easy KO, the Savior can provide medical support and ammo to players, the Sniper can attack opponents through the use of sniper rifles, and the Brute can attack enemies using a heavy machine gun. Plunder mode returns, though it was scaled back to support eight players. According to Naughty Dog, vehicles for the competitive multiplayer modes, and a cooperative multiplayer mode, could be introduced after the game’s launch.Only the bad thing is that u need to buy PSN to play multiplayer and also it it is single player.



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In Uncharted 4, set a few years after Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake has settled into ordinary life with Elena, working for a marine salvage outfit that rescues non-priceless artifacts from drowned shipping containers. But then his long-missing older brother, Sam, shows up claiming to be in debt to some dangerous people who will kill him unless he and Nathan can lead them to the great pirate Avery’s treasure.Over there another company named Shoreline is behind to find that same treasure.This leads to rivalry between Nathan,Sam,Sullivan,Elena and Nadine ross,Vargas,Rafe Adler,Hector Alcazar and their mercenaries.Finally,Rafe along with Nadine dies and Nathan lives.But no one gets hold of the treasure.When Elena buys the marine salvage company,they go get the treasure.Later on,their daughter Cassie Drake,gets to know about this all.

I bet u this is the best storyline of any game till now.I just love the campaign.The graphics are the best.I recommend u to play the campaign in Crushing Mode.Every single chapter brings excitement among your mind and u just keep thinking about it.


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