Top 5 Racing games on Android

1) Asphalt 8- Airborne-

Image result for asphalt 8 airborneAsphalt 8 is the most reputed racing game on the Android. It is famous, it is action packed, it is free, and it is fast. Its got a great deal of cars, and is by far the best racing game you’ll get on the playstore.

2) Need For speed- No Limits:

Image result for nfs no limits wallpaper

Need for speed: No limits is a great game, with superb graphics and speed. It’s got a story, and is worth the storage space in your phone.

3) GT Racing 2

Image result for gt racing 2 wallpaperGt racing 2 gives a real car racing experience. Of course, sometimes you just need the hyped up world. If you are a realistic driver, this is the game you might be looking for.

4) Real Racing 3

Image result for real racing 3

Real Racing 3, as the name declares, is another realistic racing game. Playing online is fun in this game. It is a track based game( which is not my type, I prefer street Racing).

5) Asphalt Xtreme

Image result for asphalt xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme is just like Asphalt 8, taken off the road. It’s a racing game in which you directed towards off-road racing.


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