Fifa16 is just an awesome game on an overall. The features and different modes are just cool.It’s a game u will never get bored of.           If you are an football addict then i surely recommend this game to you.


The kick off just allows you to easily just start up a match against your friend or the CPU. You can select your favorite teams and prove that your the best by just increasing the difficulty level and getting a win.There are different methods of controlling the player like alternate,classic and two way.

Career-   The career mode is just awesome.You can build your own player and make him reach the peaks of glory.You can also select a existing player from all over the world.The trading system helps you to get new players to the club.You even play for the international team of your respective player.The club plays different tournaments like          La Liga ,Supercopa and Copa de Espana.You can use your own player and select your favorite club and international team.You can play either by controlling your team or by controlling your own player.

Tournament- This mode allows you to select your favorite club and also allows you to select the tournament you want play in like The Barclays Premiere League,La Liga and The French Ligue 1.You have to control your club and then go about different challenges,play against various teams and then become the king of football.MAny people can play together in the same or the other team and upto 8 players can play max.You can also play the international cups and Fifa                              Championship,Also the Women’s international cup.’

Ultimate Team- This can be regarded as the best mode of all in the Fifa series.It enables you to make your own legendary team by getting new packs,for which you have to earn coins and cash.Its a never ending thing and you can also get legendary packs to legendary players like Messi,Ronaldo and Neymar. You need to improve your team’s chemistry by using proper players in proper places.It’s a lot of fun to make your own team.You got to prove that you are the best by making an awesome team for yourself.

Skill Games-  This mode helps you to improve your game by practicing new techniques,skills and also practice sessions against the goalkeeper.This helps you to learn new skills like fakes,shooting,tackling,dribbling and teamwork.This is an cool mode for you to look out for new skills and master them.



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