Unlock your social media account with facial recognition

Facial Recognition is the news right now.Facebook is apparently testing face ID system to get you back into your locked account.It is designed,for now,only to help you recover your account to which you have loss access,in other words,if someone has hacked into your account.Facebook said that it is a quick method for users to quickly recover their account without OTPs and email verififcation.It can save people’s time and can surely assure you of great security.They also said that their existing account protection features like two-step authentication,won’t go away.This is just another way to prove who you are.Another method used currently is ‘trusted’ friends who can get you back into your account if you are locked out.

Ultimately,the aim is to make it virtually impossible for someone to take control of your Facebook account,even if they happen to come across your email address and password.

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