The Elecjet AnyWatt is a great but sketchy USB-C MacBook dongle

Dongles are, as a general rule, terrible. Using them is bad, losing them is bad, from a design perspective they look bad — even the word “dongle” just sounds bad.

But for the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out Elecjet’s AnyWatt dongle — and it might just be good.


The AnyWatt was a Kickstarter from earlier this year, but it’s actually shipping now for anyone who missed the campaign. It’s a dongle, designed (like many dongles are) for users who have made the jump to a USB-C device but still want to use their old cables. But the Anywatt isn’t for USB cables — it converts older laptop chargers into a spare charger for your newer devices.

The final version is a little more streamlined than the original, chunkier plastic one promised on the site and it comes in two models: one designed for Windows chargers (with an array of, you guessed it, more swappable dongles to make the various plugs match up) and one for Macs — specifically, one with Apple’s MagSafe adapter.


The AnyWatt has a solid metal case that feels remarkably sturdy for a dongle. It also does what it says on the can, which is charge stuff, and none of my gadgets have burst into flames or exploded yet, so we’ll call that a win.

But the AnyWatt is just as appealing for someone like me, who doesn’t have a USB-C laptop but does have a bunch of USB-C gadgets I want to be able to charge. Crucially, the AnyWatt let me continue to play Mario Odyssey when I was visiting home for Thanksgiving weekend and forgot my Switch charger, which is also pretty large and bulky.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge


Remember that part where Apple doesn’t let people make licensed MagSafe charging things? Well, this is an unlicensed MagSafe charging thing. Add into that concerns over bad USB-C chargers, and it’s entirely possible that using the AnyWatt is a recipe for the kind of disaster I usually spend a lot of time warning you all to avoid when I write about this stuff.

Again, nothing bad has happened yet, but I can’t say that possibility hasn’t occurred to me.


Look, I really like the idea of the AnyWatt, especially when it comes to the MagSafe part of things. And at $23.99, it’s relatively cheap for the benefits it gives.

But the lack of any official sign off does have me a little concerned, especially with the already significant potential of things going wrong with USB-C. But if you’re willing to take the gamble, it’s definitely the best dongle I’ve used all year, at least conceptually.

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