6 hottest Bluetooth speakers of 2017

he last month of the year is usually reserved for recaps to see what was a hit and what was a miss. And here, we rewind the year 2017 to see which Bluetooth speakers ruled the year. Here’s a look at the best ones that we saw this year:

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ : Chances of going wrong with a music gadget from Bose are really slim. And SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker is no exception to this. Priced at Rs 24,500, the speaker is cylindrical in shape and has an impressive design. Because of it shape, the sound output is distributed equally in all directions unlike a lot of other speakers we have reviewed. This, we thought was among the major highlights of Bose SoundLink Revolve+. Other good aspects include a lasting battery life, compatibility with home assistants and great sound output.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM : The Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears is priced at Rs 7,995. Like Bose SoundLink Revolve+, Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM is also cylindrical in shape and hence has audio output evenly distributed rather than being unidirectional. A big plus point of the speaker is that it is waterproof which makes it ideal for pool side parties.

Zoook ZB Rocker Encore : This one is the affordable option on our list. Priced at Rs 2,999, Zoook ZB Rocker Encore has a sturdy built and a good overall performance. The only downside was the limited range of Bluetooth connectivity, which we felt could be excused at this price range. The fact that it is moisture resistant was also a plus.

Amkette Trubeats S50 smart speaker : Another affordable Bluetooth speaker on our list, Amkette Trubeats S50 smart speaker really impressed us with its premium looking design, and good sound output. Plus, its 3,600mAh battery lasted an entire day before it needed to be charged again. At Rs 4,999, Amkette Trubeats S50 smart speaker surely wouldn’t disappoint you.

Creative MUVO 2 : If you are a bass-lover, then this is the right option for you. Priced at Rs 8,499, the cuboid shaped gadget has a sturdy built and has the speaker grille placed on the front panel. One may find the sound to be unidirectional because the speaker is only placed in the front, but nevertheless we found the bass output to be outstanding. The treble was equally good, and the highs, mids and lows were properly separated. The speaker also comes with microSD card support.
Sony SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker : We can expect Sony to come up with a good music gadget. Priced at Rs 16,999, Sony’s SRS-XB40 Bluetooth speaker is nearly flawless as far as its performance goes. This speaker too, we feel, is good for someone who loves bass. The battery of Sony SRS-XB40 also lasted for 18-20 hours – which we think is really good considering it has two dual speaker and woofer combination along with constant blinking LED lights. Speaking of the LED lights, they would ensure that the speaker doesn’t look like a misfit if you use it in a house party.

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