Old Man’s Journey

This is not so much a game as it is an experience-and a story about life,love,hope and regret.Playing the game brings with it the realisation that all we have on this Earth is time,a moving reminder for New Year.Since it’s designed for touch and offers simple gameplay/puzzles,all you have to do is guide the old man along his path by tapping on the new location.There’s no timer,no competition and no pressure.You can spend a leisurely few minutes every now and then,just marvelling at the hand-drawn visuals and listening to the calm music.As you play,you are told the story of the man using only visuals.It’s designed to look good on any kind of screen,including the new 18:9 aspect- ratio phones and iPads.You might be moved to tears after a couple of hours, and hopefully, it hopefully, it also teaches you something about life.

Available on-

iOS and Android

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