Linksys’ new router is designed specifically to make your Xbox One connect faster

Linksys has made a new version of its WRT32X gaming router that’s supposedly designed to make gaming on your Xbox One faster.

According to Linksys, the new router — officially dubbed the WRT32XB — will automatically detect an Xbox that’s connected, and then prioritizes and accelerates gaming traffic. It uses the same “Killer Prioritization Engine” networking tech from the original WRT32X, but applies it to Xbox One devices as well, instead of just PCs. The company says that should result in reduced lag spikes and cut down on peak ping times up to 65 percent for Xbox One users.

Aside from the Xbox-specific features, the rest of the router is virtually identical to the original version, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, four Ethernet ports, a USB 3.0 port, and four dual band antennas. And if you’ve got a Killer-enabled gaming PC, you’ll be able to take advantage of the same prioritization there too, just like on the original version of the router. The WRT32XB is set to be released in February for $299, the same price as the non-Xbox version.

And if you already own the WRT32X, don’t be too worried that you’re missing out. Linksys has also announced that it’ll be adding Killer gaming prioritization for any gaming device (be it PC, smartphone, or console) to the WRT32X in a software update sometime this spring, leaving it more than a little unclear why the Xbox specific version exists as a separate product at all.

Then again, there are also reports that Killer network prioritization tech (which is made by a company called Rivet Networks, not Linksys) isn’t actually all that effective to begin with, so it might be worth just chalking this all up to some overly optimistic marketing and stick with a regular router instead.


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