All new BMW 7 series

Bmw ‘s flagship model , the 7 series . This has been BMW’s hard awaited response to Audi’s new A8L , which ,by the way isn’t a very soft spoken car either. The car boasts the all new I-drive system which has the latest and most high end graphics . The car can be pulled in and out of a narrow parking space or a garage automatically by the key ,which has a digital screen to manouvere the car into the space , a number of sensors help the car to automatically accelerate , brake and steer . Once its settled in , there is no need to get inside the car, the car will take care of itself and kill the engine automatically or can be done manually via the key. The interior shows , at what heights BMW can go to in the sense of material , craftsmanship and design. Now, the dashboard is where all the fun happens , the speedometer is a digital display which shows the rev-counter, mileage , speed etc. A never seen before feature lets you control the system by a set of simple hand gestures. The executive lounge in the rear is the best way to relax during travel-time , the centre console features the new touch-pad which let’s you control all the functions from lights to entertainment and much more. The most luxurious part is that you can fold the front passenger seat in order for you to get ample of space and once you have folded the seat , a foot-rest automatically comes out so that you can relax in a full reclined position.  The best thing about the car is that it has a kind of sensational presence which , kind of turns eyes whenever you bring it on the road.


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