Soon, A Flying Taxi??

Start-up Joby Aviation has come a step closer to making its flying taxi a reality.The company,which is building an electric flying taxi capable of vertical take-off, has revieved $100 million in funding from a group of investors led by Toyota and Intel. The so called ‘megadrone’ can reach speed of 321 kmph (kilometres per hour) powered by lithium-nickle-cobalt-manganese oxide batteries.


  • The Joby S2 prototype has 16 electric propellers, 12 of which are designed for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), which means no runway is needed
  • The aircraft takes off vertically, like a helicopter, before folding away 12 of its propellors so it can glide like a plane once it is airborne
  • Powered by electric motors and sophisticated control software, the taxi performs like a cross between a drone and a small plane while ‘making about as much noise as a swarm of superbees’.

Though self driving flying taxis are becoming a reality, however, they can be a curse to human life.There are several hacking systems developed which are capable enough to cause accidents.So unless and until there is no software development to tackle these ”’hackers”’, these taxis shall not be deployed.What are your views about it???




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