All new Rolls Royce phantom 8

Image result for rolls royce phantom 8The Rolls Royce Phantom series continues with another debut .The all new Rolls Royce phantom 8 is the pinnacle of rolls royce’s history of luxurious cars. This is the generation 8 phantom and of course, hasn’t lost its ancestral quality

The features are all new on the phantom which will go into production in the month of February 2018 and Rolls Royce will make only a handful of these and can be customised according to the customer’s preference.

And obviously, only a few richie-rich people can afford to buy this car. This car is available in India at a whopping INR 9.5 cr and is very rare to see on the roads.

Rolls Royce has,in all established 5 dealerships in India , which include mumbai , delhi , Bangalore and two other prominent cities.

More details about the car will be mentioned in the next article

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