5 Youtube channels you must watch….

We all watch Youtube. Whether for learning, inspiration or simply entertainment- it is widely used across the world. Here’s a list of my favorite Youtube channels-ones which you must watch.


Polymatter creates simple animated videos about anything he finds interesting- from marketing techniques to how cruise ships work. The thing I like about him is how makes complicated topics so easy to understand. His animations are quite fluid, and he uploads quite frequently. Visit his channel here. 

Some of his best videos are How Cruise Ships Work and The Grand Theory Of Apple. makes videos explaining how he created electronic stuff using minimalistic resources, such as Smart Glasses in 10$, or a microphone using Thermocol. Some of his best videos are How I made my own Smart Glass under 10$. and How I made my own Laptop.

Visit his channel here.

Beautiful Destinations:

Beautiful Destinations makes 4k travel videos in their Let’s Go series. The cinematography is great and I also like their sound effects. Their best videos are Let’s Go: Hong Kong and  Let’s Go:China.

Visit this channel here.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars:


Rolls Royce’s Youtube videos are almost as good as their cars. They really know how to portray their elegance and craft in video. The best videos by Rolls Royce Motor Cars are The House of Rolls-Royce, Chapter I: The Spirit of Ecstasy and Goodwood.


Vox creates interesting videos on events and headlines enforced by statistics and data. The topics vary from taxe to terrorism to Taylor Swift. Some of its best videos are How IBM pushed out 20,000 older workers  and What happens to your knuckles when you crack them.

Did you like any of these channels? What are your favorite Youtube channels? Let us know in the comments section below.






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