The new Mercedes Benz Maybach Ultimate Luxury

The vision UL is based on the maybach 6’s design and hasn’t lost its beautiful ancestry. It has the same interior design except the new display screens and the steering wheel . Basically what maybach has made is the pinnacle of a SUV moulded into a limo and when they do it they do it right. The interior is a mix of technology and German handcrafted materials , the rear has more than a foot of legroom and the seats are , well , they are pretty much what you can expect from the maybach division , the seats are a combination of divine leather and diamond stichting which , if you ask me , is an S-Class on steroids. The interior is actually pretty simple , the roof is a full length glass panel which has , on the sides , ambient lighting which has a whole booklet of colours to choose from. The front part is similar to the AMG-GTS , yes the son of the legendary SLS , the display screens are taken from the 2018 E-Class and are full length , the steering wheel has a mix of chrome , leather , and rose gold inserts . The front dashboard has brown alcantara leather and behind the screen if you see are chrome plated vertical lines which show, while being modern , it also has a taste of the past memories of mercedes.

The car is beautiful in every aspect of its technology and luxury. What you’ll notice is that mercedes has used a lot of rose gold and white leather , well , it did the right thing as the car looks even better than the standard brown and black interior , which , in my sense is the old mercedes look , mercedes is coming right in to battle Tesla and Volvo and others who are still trying to do it right like the two , but it’s true what they say , “if you want to steal , steal from the best” .

What’s crazy is that when mercedes brings out a car like this , the other companies tend to follow , the same happened with the maybach 6 , when it was launched , it caught the eyes of Bentley and Rolls Royce and then there came the Bentley continental cabriolet and the RR Dawn which by the way are beautiful cars in their own sense .

With that I end by saying

” Mercedes is the Male , whom other companies follow like females”.

And please watch out for the next blog on the Mercedes EQ , another SUV by the German brand.


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