The all new mercedes amg gt-c roadster

This is arguably one of the most beautiful car mercedes has laun

ched this year. The gt-c holds the 4 litre twin turbo charged V8 , it has 568 HP , 680 Nm torque , the things visible to the eye , which are from the previous iteration of the gt-line is the exterior excluding the top. It has active aero dynamics which we saw in the gtr , the one thing you’ll notice is that Mercedes has put in a great deal of work and time , not only to make this car powerful but also a very sharp and sleek looking car, it has large intakes in the front to let air pass in and cool the engine , the car has carbon ceramic brakes which have been painted yellow so they stand out.

The car has another feature from the Gtr , which is , active rear wheel steering , in which the rear tires , at high speeds turn a few degrees in the same direction as the front tires so as to give the car more stability , vice versa , at lower speeds the wheels turn on the other way to give you a larger turn radius for tight corners.

Now of course this is the launch of the roadster version in which the roof opens up in 11 seconds flat , that is pretty quick , the roof is a three layered price which you’ll notice is shaped like a ‘Z’ which makes it quite a high mound in the back.


First thing you’ll see is the car features bucket seats , the car has a lot of carbon and leather which kind of looks stylish and amazing , the dash is the same as the AMG GTR and the GTS.

The car features the active performance exhaust which you can control from the centre console , the roof controls are in the headliner and are pretty easy to control and put on or off. The car has the traditional Burmestor stereo system , which sound beautifully .The interior has nothing changed except for the headliner . The car has the seven speed AMG speed shift gearbox which is a rather quick shifter , all that aside , when you’re in a car like this , you don’t think about all the technical part but the comfort part which , when it’s mercedes , it’s got to be right and it is . The seats are black leather and have a red stitching which makes them look sharper . The car has all the stuff you can imagine , lane guidance system, vibration reduction systems , adaptive cruise control.

While opening up the roof , while driving , you have to be careful and be on a constant speed of 25 mph or……(you know what I mean).

The car is beautiful in every way you can imagine , just the burble and crackle in the exhaust tells you how powerful it is too.

With that being said , the AMG GTC Roadster is the most valuable choice for people who like the sea-side roads and open top cars .


Top speed – 316 km/ph

Tourqe – 680 Nm

O-100 km/ph – 3.2 sec

Engine – AMG 4.0 litre , bi-turbo V8

  1. The base price on the car is $ 283,711 and $ 338,711 (plus on road costs)
  2. The car will be unvielt in INDIA in 2019.

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