The all new BMW M5 competition is here.

The all new BMW M5 competition is here and it is one of the best sounding cars out there. The base model is an M5 F90 but the new M5 is reworked in every way , starting with the engine which has a 4.4 L , twin-turbo V8 which now makes 625 BHP compared to the 600 in the F90 M5.

O-100 KMPH in 3.3 seconds which is equivalent to the 458 speciale , it has the 8 speed automatic gearbox and sits 7 cm lower and has new wheels.

The major design ques are similar to the F90 and are not changed quite much. But it does look amazing even without the carbon fiber splitter in the front , which can be customised to your own specifications.

All of the other bits are same as the previous M5 .

You can watch the whole info about the all new BMW M5 competition in this video uploaded by famous YouTuber SHMEE 150

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