The all new Mercedes Benz vision EQ Silver Arrow

The most iconic race car of the 1900’s was the W-125 record car and it held the land speed record at the autobahn in Germany. The Mercedes Benz vision EQ Silver Arrow is the sleekest and the most subtle looking car yet with its aluminium body and technological bits.

The car was unveiled at the quail motorshow this year and nothing less than a unicorn in disguise.

It is a single seater with the most comfortable race car cockpit you’ll ever get to be in . The design is far from normal with the rear transparent shark fin resembling the Project ONE on the tail , The spokes on the wheel are another design que that resemble the Mercedes – Maybach vision and are beautifully blended in the car. The car has the signature blue illumination resembling the EQ nature , the tire tread on the car has the Mercedes star which looks amazing .

The front lights are one whole light bar and look very nice in the dark , the front grill is not a grill ,

instead it’s one whole screen which shows the technology used in the car . The cockpit opens up electronically upwards and shows what happens when a race car is fused with a Maybach style interior, perfect blend of wood , alcantara and the ambient lighting . The steering system is a screen and all the controls are included in it.

The new vision EQ is the successor to the W- 125 of the 1900’s in many ways , the most distinct are the design , overall shape and the exterior finish.

The Mercedes-Benz vision EQ Silver Arrow is unmistakably the most modern and sleek car for the track.

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