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A Spacecraft for intergalactic travel

Image result for Lexus A Spacecraft for intergalactic travel

US design and technology company Lexus has a concept of a futuristic single seated craft called the Skyjet that will take the future humans on Space trips.Powered by a compact fuel-cell capsule, the Skyjet will fly on clean, cheap and renewable fuel. I guess we won’t  be alive when this futuristic thing will we fully developed. So no point of dreaming about this.

A little more space for more memory

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The most dense, solid state memory in history is here. It could soon exceed the capabilities of current hard drives by 1,000 times. Scientists say that they can use hydrogen atoms to boost the storage capacity. They were able to to reach storage of 128TB/sq.inch.

A road trip with antimatter

Image result for transport antimatter

Antimatter is highly volatile- when it comes into contact with matter, the two annihilate each other. However, physicists at CERN in Switzerland  have learned to control it so well that they are now preparing to transport antimatter by truck and then use it to study the strange behavior of rare radioactive nuclei.






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