Ways AI is changing the way we interact with smartphone.

Artificial Intelligence on smartphones is one of the biggest trends in upcoming years. Here are some ways that AI will change your smartphone experience in the coming years:

AI-powered chipsets in low-costing mobile phones

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UNISOC is in the process of releasing chipsets that would support artificial intelligence , augmented reality and virtual reality. These chipsets would make it a reality for IndiansĀ  to access advance features like facial recognition. It will also facilitate secure mobile transactions via facial recognition.

Camera Benefits

Using AI, the phone’s camera interface can detect the subject in camera frame and accordingly adjusts the settings for the best possible image.AI can also identify facial features and automatically enhance them for superior portrait.

Voice Assistants

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Voice Assistants have been around for couple of time. Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa are all voice assistants that use AI to identify what you say and respond. Now voice assistants have improved thanks to enhanced AI integration.They not only reply to queries but also perform tasks such as placing an order, searching a particular song and typing a message


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