Dutch firm to turn diapers into furniture

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A dutch firm has started the country’s first recycling plant to turn poo into profit. Plastic extracted from the diapers will be used to make items like flower pots and other stuff.

“The company has planned to process 15000 tonnes of nappies every year.”

Worldwide disposal of nappies or diapers causes a lot of pollution and forms a major environmental issue.

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Working of the plant

  • FIrst, a reactor is used to separate plastic compounds from urine and faeces by using high-pressure steam.
  • The old disposable nappies are heated upto 250 degrees Centigrade under 40 bars of pressure and everything is liquified.
  • Once cooled then all the plastic granules float on the top and and the sewage can be separated.
  • The sewage can be used to generate gas and is turned into fuel for power stations and fertiliser, while the rest is piped to a nearby sewage treatment plant.

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