PES 2019 Quick Review

Game-PES 2019

Developer- Konami

Platforms- PS4, XBOX ONE, PC


  • PS4, XBOX ONE- $60
  • PC –$60

PES 2019 is a great football game, but Konami continues to alienate fans with lost licenses and online issues. It is truly fantastic game but however it has lost licences of UEFA Leagues which are now handed over to EA Sports.

However, offline modes like offline solo and multiplayer are the best offered by this game and are currently the best in the market of soccer games. All the work that went to develop My Club, a mode similar to the Ultimate Team Mode of Fifa, was useless as the online services are pretty much broken.

The standia, players and especially the animations, effects and textures are just mind-blowing. The action itself is enthralling. However in the new era of gaming and in 2018, this game is simply not enough. The online features however are not just enough and in comparison to Fifa 2019, which features a wide range of different modes including practice, tournaments and the Ultimate Team is just too cool.


There are basically 2 editions of the game-

  • Standard Edition ($60)
  • David Beckham ($70)

In the 2nd edition, David Beckham is featured. It is just like Ronaldo being featured in Fifa 2018/19.


PES 2019 is a nice game with those graphics, but however in the new era of online gaming, it is just not enough. Fifa has wide range of various different modes and people will prefer Fifa over PES. Some of the things which the company should had been keen about is that they should have the best online services which is currently in super demand. I believe this game is slightly overpriced as you can buy Fifa 2019 in the same price.

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