Iconic moments in Space Exploration

From the launch of the first satellite; building $100 bn space laboratory to the latest Parker Solar Probe destined to Sun…mankind’s quest to explore the cosmos has led to several path-breaking initiatives…

Sputnik 1

Launch of first satellite

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Sputnik 1 was the first satellite to be launched into space. It revolved around the earth for about 3 months before it fell into the earth’s atmosphere and burned up completely. It was a great achievement and led directly to the birth of the the NASA.

International Space Station

Habitable artificial satellite

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It is as big as a football field. It was extremely difficult to build this as all the parts had to be launched into space and then they were assembled in the orbit. It is a true wonder which no one could have ever imagined.

Voyager 1

Farthest man-made object from earth

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It has lasted for last 38 years while it was expected to last just for 5 years. It is still in contact with NASA and. The probe’s mission was to flyby the Jupiter, saturn and Saturn’s large moon Titan.



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