Awaited games on App Store

With the App Store constantly filling up with new games, it can sometimes feel like finding a good one amidst the scrum is an impossible task. But there are some really amazing experiences waiting for you on mobile, and it’d be a shame if you missed out on them due to the shear stress of discovery.

1. Fortnite

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It was the most awaited game which made its debut this year on the iPhone. Fortnite is currently the most trending game on the planet and every gamer must have played it at least once.

2. PUBG Mobile

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PUBG was the first Battle Royale game introduced into the gaming industry. Until then we only had multiplayer. This game is just fun to watch and play and especially winning on a phone is way to easy.

3. Minecraft

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Minecraft was just a mind boggling game when it was first launched on Iphone. It went crazy among gamers and i personally just love Minecraft, even though i play on PS4.


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