Play Google’s secret game

Do you know about the secret game of Google? Well it is  a Text Adventure game which was discovered by users via RockPaperShotgun.

How to find the game?(Stepwise)

  • First you need is a correct browser like the Google Chrome. Even Firefox will work. Sadly Safari does not support the script.
  • Use the browser and Google the term” text adventure”.
  • Next, right click on the page and click “Inspect” (the Windows shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I, or Cmd + Option + I for Macs will also work) and from the menu that pops up select the “Console” tab.
  • You will get a note saying “Would you like to play a game”.
  • Type yes next to the prompt

If you’ve never played a text adventure before, you control your character by typing in simple commands to progress through the puzzles and story. Typing “north,” “south,” “east,” or “west” will move you through the world, while other commands like “grab” and “use” will let you interact with items in the world.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually fun.



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