NBA 2k19: Short Review

September onwards, all the big sports games are released and now we have the NBA 2k19. Last year, NBA 2k18 was just a great game with a few drawbacks, but this year 2k19 has improved in each and every area of the game

The developer has made the gameplay feel much better and obviously better than 2k18.

Gameplay has several important improvements along with subtle changes in game mechanics and also the commentary is better than it has ever been before.

The MyCareer story is way better than last year.

I am shocked to see how polished the game is.


NBA 2k19 is gonna be available on all platforms namely PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC and Steam. It is extremely impressive that the Developer has been able to optimise the game for all the platforms perfectly.


Currently, the game will cost you $56.

The game is surely the best sports game currently.





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