Is social media safe to use?

Nowadays it has become a great concern to provide users with complete security social media. The new era is full about security and hacking. Is hacking overpowering cyber security? This is the biggest question which comes to your mind when you think about using social media.


  • Disclosure of private information by either yourself or friends/contacts.
  • Bullying.
  • Cyber-stalking.
  • Access to age-inappropriate content.
  • Online grooming and child abuse.
  • Encountering comments that are violent, sexual, extremist or racist in nature, or offensive activities and hateful attitudes.
  • People trying to persuade or harrass you into changing your basic beliefs or ideologies, or adopt an extremist stance.
  • Prosecution or recrimination from posting offensive or inappropriate comments.
  • Phishing emails allegedly from social networking sites, but actually encouraging you to visit fraudulent or inappropriate websites.
  • Friends’, other people’s and companies’ posts encouraging you to link to fraudulent or inappropriate websites.
  • People hacking into or hijacking your account or page.
  • Viruses or spyware contained within message attachments or photographs.
  • You or a family member posting that you’re away or going away on holiday and therefore advertising that your home is empty, leaving the way open for burglars. If you do so and you make an insurance claim for a burglary while you are away, your insurance company may well reject it for this reason.


Hackers have become extremely dangerous to the society. Recently, around 100 million Facebook accounts were hacked.  Approx. 800k Google Plus accounts were hacked.

I will ask you the same question again: So is it safe to use social media?

It is your choice whether to lose you personal data to hackers or leave social media.





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