Better sensors, processors and algorithms for your mobile photography

Apple has made several improvements in the iPhone XS Max as compared to the    iPhone X, in hardware as well as software and have improved the camera by a small margin fo sure.

Key Features of Camera-

  • Enhanced portrait selfies

Apple has improved portrait selfies on iPhone XS Max. It lines the subject of the photo correctly for beautiful pictures. You would love the camera if you are a selfie obsessed person.

  • Adjustable depth of field

The greatest improvement is that now you can control the depth of the the field-or the amount of background blur-after you have taken a photo.

  • Better low-light photos

The camera has specialised in taking low-light pictures. The details and the clarity of the picture are completely seen in the picture even at night time.

  • Smart HDR

Apple added a new feature known as Smart HDR. When switched on, the camera automatically captures and blends the best frames of the pictures together to give the best picture, whenever the camera feels necessary.

  • Better Bokeh

The mode only works with a photo of a face. Not much is known to me about this mode to me so, let me get back to you.

  • The best surprise

The camera has a new feature known as action shots. Action shots are very sharp and have better shadow and highlighted detail.



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