NASA’s Hubble Telescope goes offline


NASA’s Hubble Telescope has entered the safe mode, after the failure of another gyroscope. Hubble was sent into safe mode after one of the three gyroscopes, used to steady the telescope, failed. Safe mode will put the telescope into a stable configuration until the ground team will correct the issue and return the mission to […]

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First Electric Vespa


The first Electric Vespa will be going on sale in Europe. It will cost you more than $7000. The price is twice as expensive as compared to the gas model. Preorders are available now in Europe ahead of the scooter’s ship date later this year, while customers in the US and China will have to wait until early […]

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Kia SP Preview


The first car that Kia will bring to India will be the SP concept in production guise. This will be a premium D-segment SUV and conveys that Kia is taking a top- down approach with regard to India. The SP was unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo and has all the hallmarks of the latest […]

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I guess no more diesel vehicles from Porsche


Porsche says that it’s getting out of the diesel business — for good. In a release this morning, it explains that amidst falling demand for diesel vehicles, and a growing interest in hybrids, it “has decided to no longer offer diesel propulsion in future.” Porsche’s desire to put diesel behind it makes sense: the automotive industry […]

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Exoplanet twice the size of Earth discovered


An international team of scientists has discovered a new exoplanet twice the size of earth, about 145 light years away from the the mother Earth, by using data from NASA Kepler Space Telescope. The Exoplanet Wolf 503b is located in the Virgo constellation and orbits its star every six days and is thus very close […]

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The all new Mercedes Benz vision EQ Silver Arrow


The most iconic race car of the 1900’s was the W-125 record car and it held the land speed record at the autobahn in Germany. The Mercedes Benz vision EQ Silver Arrow is the sleekest and the most subtle looking car yet with its aluminium body and technological bits. The car was unveiled at the […]

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The all-new 5 million Euro Bugatti Divo


The new Bugatti Divo was unveiled at the quail motorshow which was the home for a lot of new unveils such as the McLaren senna GTR , the Lamborghini aventador SVJ and a whole lot of other cars. The Bugatti Divo is the brainchild of Bugatti’s new CEO Stephen Winckelmann who joined the company early […]

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The all new BMW M5 competition is here.


The all new BMW M5 competition is here and it is one of the best sounding cars out there. The base model is an M5 F90 but the new M5 is reworked in every way , starting with the engine which has a 4.4 L , twin-turbo V8 which now makes 625 BHP compared to […]

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The all new mercedes amg gt-c roadster


This is arguably one of the most beautiful car mercedes has laun ched this year. The gt-c holds the 4 litre twin turbo charged V8 , it has 568 HP , 680 Nm torque , the things visible to the eye , which are from the previous iteration of the gt-line is the exterior excluding […]

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The new Mercedes Benz Maybach Ultimate Luxury


The vision UL is based on the maybach 6’s design and hasn’t lost its beautiful ancestry. It has the same interior design except the new display screens and the steering wheel . Basically what maybach has made is the pinnacle of a SUV moulded into a limo and when they do it they do it […]

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