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This RC plane flies at 462 mph(744 kmph)…


What?! The RC speeder ‘Inferno’ is a plane that flies at 462 mph. It also happens to own a Guinness World Record. The record was made in Germany on 21 August, 2017 by one Niels Herbrich. You can have a look at the record here This means that it can get from New York to […]

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Where is Hyperloop developing?


Elon Musk came up with the innovative idea of levitation. Now the Hyperloop is developing on this idea, which would define the future of transport. Where is Hyperloop developing? 1. Pune – Mumbai (India) Time required for this travel will be just 13 minutes. This means people would be able to live in pune and […]

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2 Cool stuffs on Amazon under $15


There are some things on Amazon which seem to be super duper cool- “Cool stuff on Amazon” and are just below $15.These thing are actually worth it. Things under $15- LED Bike Light- A very cool LED that goes on your bike’s tire valve. It’s super easy to install and requires no other items to […]

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All new Rolls Royce phantom 8


The Rolls Royce Phantom series continues with another debut .The all new Rolls Royce phantom 8 is the pinnacle of rolls royce’s history of luxurious cars. This is the generation 8 phantom and of course, hasn’t lost its ancestral quality The features are all new on the phantom which will go into production in the […]

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How does an Ak-47 work?


  When trigger is pressed, a hammer releases and strikes firing pin. The firing pin punctures the bullet primer, which contains a powder which explodes to ignite the gun powder. Expanding gases force the gas piston backwards, which forces the bolt carrier back, ejecting casing. The bolt pulls a new round from the magazine and […]

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2k18 for drones………


2018 seems to be a promising year for drones. Companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, are experimenting with drones.

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Got some change? Here’s how to use it to earn


With the growth of cryptocurrency, an app called Coinflash has entered the market. It allows you to invest spare change. It doesn’t really directly take any money from you. Instead, it counts your credit and debit transactions, and gives the information to the app. So you can actually earn money without being troubled. To learn […]

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Top 5 Racing games on Android


1) Asphalt 8- Airborne- Asphalt 8 is the most reputed racing game on the Android. It is famous, it is action packed, it is free, and it is fast. Its got a great deal of cars, and is by far the best racing game you’ll get on the playstore. 2) Need For speed- No Limits: […]

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Top 5 free games on Android, IOS to kill time.


  5) Zig Zag This is quite a tough game. Just tap to move left and right, and that’s it. Developed by Ketchapp, this game is quite interesting. But after sometime it gets boring, and at times, frustrating. 4) Doodle Jump This is a lovely game. Just tilt left or right to move like a […]

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Uncharted in a minute!


Only this November (of 2016) did I complete Uncharted 4, and I think I ought to write about the series. Naughty Dogs has done a great job, along with Sony Computer Entertainment. I was not so impressed by Uncharted (1), but when I was done with Uncharted 2, I was sure that the Uncharted series […]

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