OnePlus 6t: Pre Book


One of the most awaited phones of the 2018 was the OnePlus 6. Now get ready for its sequel, OnePlus 6t which will be launching day before halloween, on 30th October. It is truly an anticipated phone, and people are looking forward to greater developments in the phone than as compared to OnePlus 6. The […]

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13 Best Free Software For Students


A student’s life comprises of research papers, note making, group studies, and much more. To complete these tasks efficiently, a bunch of software can make a big difference. Here’s a curated list of the best free software that can make a difference in a student’s life. Group Studies Software: BaseCamp: Team Coordination Software Slack Mendeley: Reference […]

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Is social media safe to use?


Nowadays it has become a great concern to provide users with complete security social media. The new era is full about security and hacking. Is hacking overpowering cyber security? This is the biggest question which comes to your mind when you think about using social media. Risks- Disclosure of private information by either yourself or […]

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Microsoft to release pink Surface Note 2 just for China


Microsoft has revealed that it will be launching the Laptop Surface Note 2 in Pibk especially in china. Excited to be in Beijing today to share our newest products in China. Especially Surface Laptop 2 in Blush. A finish developed exclusively for China by Quan, an incredibly talented designer on our team, who also happens […]

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Fastest camera to see light in slow motion


Researchers have developed a camera which captures 10 trillion frames per second and is the world’s fastest camera. This technology makes it possible to freeze time and captures video in slow motion. The new imaging technique Compressed ultrafast photography (CUP) was developed. However this technique was improved and T-CUP system was developed. T-CUP can power […]

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What Are Neutron Stars?


Neutron stars are one of the most fascinating subjects in the universe. Their mass is about 1 to 3 times that of the sun, while they are only about 25 km wide. A small sugar-cube-sized neutron star would way as much as a 700-meter wide iron cube, roughly the mass of Mount Everest! Formation During […]

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Top Resources For Getting Started With Coding


With talks about coding becoming an essential skill- comparable with reading and writing- it is important to get into the basics of coding as quickly as possible. With today’s easy access to resources, this skill can be mastered, or at least learned, with great ease. If you’re already into coding, these apps and websites can […]

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NASA’s Hubble Telescope goes offline


NASA’s Hubble Telescope has entered the safe mode, after the failure of another gyroscope. Hubble was sent into safe mode after one of the three gyroscopes, used to steady the telescope, failed. Safe mode will put the telescope into a stable configuration until the ground team will correct the issue and return the mission to […]

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First Electric Vespa


The first Electric Vespa will be going on sale in Europe. It will cost you more than $7000. The price is twice as expensive as compared to the gas model. Preorders are available now in Europe ahead of the scooter’s ship date later this year, while customers in the US and China will have to wait until early […]

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Alienware m15: Thinnest gaming laptop ever


Alienware has announced the thinnest gaming laptop ever created. The m15 has all of the things you’d expect from a 2018 gaming laptop: a thinner, Nvidia Max-Q design that trades some performance for portability, 8th Gen Intel processors, up to 32GB of RAM, and plenty of different storage options. Customers will also have the choice […]

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